About Us

Its been more than Fifty years since the Indian Association Geneve (IAG) was established in 1947.Membership-wise IAG today is the largest Indian Association in Switzerland. There is no doubt that the growth and success of the Association actually reflects the dynamism and cooperation of the community it caters for.

Aims and objectives

To serve as a social and cultural forum for the Indian community.

To foster friendshipwith the Swiss and International Communities resident in Geneva.

To contribute to the social and cultural life of the city.

To contribute to humanitarian causes.


The activities of the Association are : to hold cultural programmes including Indian musical concerts, dance and dramas; to organize social evenings to mark important festivals, i.e. Holi, Diwali, and Christmas; to commemorate days of national signifcance, i.e. Republic Day and Independance Day; to organize Fête Indienne periodically and to participate in fêtes organized by the International Community of Geneva and the Cantonal authorities to raise funds for charitable and humanitarian causes; to organize and participate in sports events; to have periodic outings and picnics.


A General Assembly consisting of all members meets at least once a year to review annual reports and audited accounts and decide on policy and financial matters. The activities of the Association are organized by an Executive Commitee consisting of 11 members (of the total number of 12 members, one became less after the closure of the India Tourist Office in Geneva). The Executive Committee informs the members about current and forthcoming events and other matters of interest through regular circulars.